Should 14yrs old be able to work

We should be able to work anytime

14 years old should be able to work !

Some people would say no we shouldn't be able to work because it causes a lot of stress and says that we should not be able to be worrying about one more thing than we are now.Other people would say yes because there are so many reasons like if your family is poor and you can help out with that money you made.

Do we have time to work ?

Of course , because were only in school for only 7 hours and when we get home we just have a little bit of homework .Most times schools don't let out till 3pm or till 5pm is the latest but if your school lets out maybe its best if you work on the weekends.

Why we might need or want to work

Some of the reason why we might need to work is because we can not always rely on our parents to give us money when you need it or if your family is poor and you are the only one working and helping out your family with getting what they need.