Flush The Toilet, Please.

It's not that hard!

Why should you?


One of the most apparent problems with un-flushed toilets is the odor the refuse leaves behind. If left too long, the smell from an un-flushed toilet can infiltrate the whole house and even soak into the clothing of the occupants. While this smell is repugnant to us, the smell of decaying feces can actually attract other life forms such as cockroaches and beetles. These animals look for decaying bio-matter to feed on...Gross. Flush the toilet.


A direct consequence of leaving organic matter to rot in moist conditions, is the formation of mold and mildew. While some forms of mold are benign, others such as black mold can cause severe respiratory problems in humans; and can even cause deadly allergic reactions. Mold spores can also make occupants more susceptible to infection when allowed into open wounds such as cuts, or when allowed to settle on toothbrushes or other toiletries...Gross. Flush the toilet.


Aside from increased susceptibility to infection produced by mold spores feeding on stagnant human waste, some diseases are directly caused by human sewage. Exposure to human sewage can lead to diseases such as gastroenteritis, hepatitis and even Weill's disease, which is characterized by jaundice, cramps and severe headaches...Gross. Flush the toilet.

Flush the toilet!

Flushing the toilet is an important part of everyday sanitation precautions. It reduces the chances for infections, illness and increases the overall appearance of the bathroom. Flushing the toilet is a simple task that everyone is capable of doing. It only takes a few seconds, and those few seconds makes a difference for whom ever enters the bathroom afterwards. No one likes a surprise awaiting for them in the toilet.

In case you haven't gotten the memo


You've flushed the toilet

Flushing the toilet benefits everyone. It keeps those disgusting toilet-bowl rings away, and leaves the restroom, hopefully, ready for the next person.