Miss Nedza's Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 10-14th

What Did We Do This Week?

What an interesting week we had! With two days off, it felt like such a short week! This week was a nice time to review our letters and do a few fun experiments that dealt with mixing colors. We explored the idea of how colors can mix together and change the color all together. The students impressed me with their color knowledge and the responses they had to some of my deeper thinking questions.

Letters we reviewed this week: m, b, n, d, t, p, c, k, g

Interested in having your child take school picture retakes?

If you are interested in having your student take school picture retakes please email me or let me know before school or after school so that I can give you an order form to fill out. Picture retakes will be Wednesday October 19th. This is the same day as SIP Day, however we will be allowing parents to take their children to the auditorium to get their retakes done.

Don't Forget SIP Day is next Wednesday October 19th at 9am. Check out the flyer below.

Halloween Information

Today, your child should have brought home a letter all about Halloween. This letter has specific guidelines as to the costumes that the students are allowed to wear and what we will be doing the day of Halloween in the classroom. Please look it over and let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.