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not all conflict is bad

Sometimes as a society we introduce healthy amounts of conflict to promote the best we can, sport competitions bring the best out of athletes awards to musicians, almost every form of competition brings a sense of will power in competitors.

Conflict can however go astray

what does that mean.

Conflict becomes undesirable when it gets in the way of the goals of an individual, community or operation.
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Protesters and rioters

Sure it is understandable when the people want to be heard, when the hierarchy has done wrong people want it corrected, nothing wrong with that. However there is the point where people overstep and the police have to get involved. This interrupts the company the protests and the police, if people get out of hand it dulls the competition.
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Donald Trump

His threat to leave the republican party and run independently is an undesirable conflict. If this happens it almost destroys the overall goal of having a republican in office,by splitting the Republican vote he almost would guarantee a Democratic landslide.

Conflicts can turn from desirable to undesirable fast!

If a friendly competition to promote more work being done starts resolving in arguments and people doing ANYTHING to win this conflict heads south quick.