Immigration And Manifest Destiny

By Kaitlyn, Nathan, and Brennon

Farming In The Great Plains- The Life For You

Looking for a job?

Look no further. Farming the land in the plains of America can provide wealth for anyone. The great plains provide food, land, natural resources, and a perfect place to make your home. Not only does farming allow you job opportunity, it also allows you to provide your own food, so there is no need to rely on others.

But what if I've never worked before? Why would I be better off here?

Our land is everywhere, so if you're low on money, you don't need to worry because it won't be a problem with these low prices on land. A worker in America is bound to make more income than one in Europe, so why wait? Come on down we have plenty of room!

Losing Money From Europe's Economic Decline? Come To America!

If you are struggling to keep your family going in Europe, come mine gold in Klondike and get rich! In Klondike, you can start your life over in a new land that's full of gold and resources, you can easily make money and raise your family, and you can be happy!
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Indian Removal Act

America is expanding at a very rapid rate

But the only way we can expand further is if we remove the scum of the Americas, the Indians. If we move them to a secluded area we can have the greatest Industrial Revolution of them all. We can truly become the greatest nation with your approval.

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