How to pronounce Japanese names?

There is a majority of people who consider pronounce Japanase name easily.

Many may consider it to be a tough language and tongue twister to pronounce it but with a little patience and understanding of the language one can easily pronounce the Japanese names.

The vowels in the Japanese language have only one way of pronunciation and the rest of the words are like standard English.

Here are a few steps that can help you to pronounce the Japanese names:

  • A is pronounced like “a” in the word carp.

  • I is pronounced like a long “e”.

  • U is pronounced like “oo”, it sounds similar to “u” in super.

  • E is pronounced like the first “e” of everybody.

  • Is pronounced as “o”, it is similar to saying Oh but then cutting off in the middle.

  • Pronouncing elongated vowels is very important and simple in Japanese. If there are two vowels in a row then you just need to stretch it. However, it they are two different vowels then both are pronounced differently.

  • It is difficult to pronounce “r” as it mixed sound of English,” l, d, and r”. It will become easy after watching videos.

  • F is something between English “f and h”

With a little practice and by watching Japanese videos one can easily learn the language.

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