Leap Into Literacy 4th Grade

October/November 2018

Reading Workshop

Here is a quick formative assessment that allows you to know how well your students are understanding details from The Tiger Rising. Each child jots down an idea on a post-it note and places it on the chart.

Personalized Learning through Writing Workshop

ARTICLE: Overcoming Anxiety About Displaying Student Writing

@BethMooreSchool via Twitter, writes:

"Choice is key, right? As kids get older and more mature, allowing them to choose a piece of writing or an excerpt to share gives them control and responsibility. It also helps for students to plan for (and when possible, choose) the audience for their writing."

Planning Ahead for Classroom Instruction

Please refer to the unit overviews and resources (linked below) to assist with planning and implementation of workshop lessons.


READING: Middle of September through October

Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story (Book 1)

November and December

Reading the Weather: Reading the World (Book 2)

WRITING: Middle of September through October

The Arc of the Story: Writing Realistic Fiction (Book 1)

November and December

Boxes & Bullets: Personal & Persuasive Essays (Book 2)


Reading Strategy Anchor Charts

K-5 On Demand Prompts

Writing Rubrics

PARCC Practice Tests