Quarter 4 week 7

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Assignment # 1

Everyone has had different outdoor adventure experiences, and many of us have a list of activities we'd like to try. Discuss your favorites here, as well as what you think couldbe a favorite if you gave it a shot.

  1. What outdoor activities do you prefer? Why?
  2. What outdoor activities are you interested in, but have never tried? Ask your classmates if they have ever participated in these activities.
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Leaving the Comfort Zone

We all have personal limits; everyone wants to feel comfortable, after all. Perhaps you've heard the advice that it's important to step outside your comfort zone, though. It's often considered a good character-building and learning experience to try things that make us uncomfortable or nervous. The same is definitely true when it comes to trying fitness experiences that we otherwise would avoid because they scare us silly.

Take some time to reflect on your own personal experiences with leaving your comfort zone, how it made you feel, and how similar experiences might affect you in the future

Comfort zone questions

Assignment #2

1. explain what it means to step outside your comfort zone

2. what are the advantages of doing so ?

3. why is it difficult to step outside one's comfort zone ?

4. Give an example of when you stepped outside your comfort zone

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Assignment # 3


Physical Education Core (S3207165)

Name: ____________________

Points possible: 20

Date: ____________

Answer the following questions based on your own experiences with leaving your comfort zone. Your answers to questions 1 and 2 do not have to be sports or fitness related.

1. When in the past have you pushed your personal limits? Give at least one example. How did it affect you? (5 points)

2. When have you thought about leaving your comfort zone, but decided not to? Give at least one example. How did you feel about your decision? (5 points)

3. What adventure activities are outside your comfort zone? Which of them might you be willing to try? (5 points)

4. Do you think it is important to leave one’s comfort zone or push personal limits?

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Have Fun and Be Careful

Signs are there for a reason: read and respect them.

One of the reasons exercising outdoors is both fun and challenging is that it's unpredictable. Nature doesn't follow human schedules or adapt itself to human wants and needs. Outside, we have no control over how hot or cold, wet or dry, bright or dark it is. If the trail is rocky, the water rough, the hill steep, or the wind strong, the outdoor athlete has to adapt to the conditions; the conditions won't adapt to the athlete.

Sometimes that adaptation is more than simply being comfortable outdoors. In severe conditions, it can be a matter of life and death. Again, the various levels of risk inherent in outdoor activities are part of what make them appealing to some people. But whether you're a thrill-seeker or a feet-firmly-on-the-ground type, it's necessary to know the basic concepts of safety, and the precautions to take when the outdoor going gets tough.

Safety questions

Assignment # 4

1. Why are outdoor activities fun and challenging ?

2. What things can pose challenges to our safety ?

3. list 3 things that you can personally do to help insure you safety ?