How To Use Zodiac Signs

To Enhance Your Love Life

Check your zodiac Signs

If you feel the spark is gone from your relationship and nothing is working out anymore, you can always turn to your friendly neighbourhood zodiac signs for help. Here are some zodiac specific dos and don’ts that will come in really handy when you search for some guidance to fix your relationship.

When you’re dating an Aries

An Aries person always likes to be on top. So it is always important to keep them on top of your priority list. If you value your relation (and probably your life too) never let an Aries feel that they are second to anyone, when it comes to your attention.

When you’re dating a Taurus

Just be honest with your Tauran and he’ll be happy. Whether you’re trying to protect them from a harsh truth or planning a prank, there is no reason good enough to lie to a Tauras. Keep this one factor in mind and you’ll enjoy a healthy relationship.

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When you’re dating a Gemini

The thing with Gemini people is that their curiosity is off the charts. Therefore, you must be open for trying new things with them on a regular basis. Explore different things together and have fun along the way. If a Gemini suspects a lack of curiosity in you, they’ll get bored pretty easily.

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When you’re dating a Cancer

Cancerians are an emotional breed. Try not to be insensitive around them and do yourself a favour. They get hurt pretty easy. So, you need to be able to deal with them accordingly.

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When you’re dating a Leo

God help you if you’re dating a Leo. Leos are an egoistic bunch of people. Even a small mistake on your part can irritate the hell out of them and then you can be sure that you’re in for a pretty hard time. Obviously, it doesn’t mean that you should be scared or not express your opinion, you must just do it with a proper choice of words.

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When you’re dating a Virgo

Virgos hate complicated things. So do yourself a favour and don’t spread around negativity or interfere with their space and you’ll be fine.

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When you’re dating a Libra

Librans are the most sorted out and balanced people of all. The only possible way to piss off a Libra is to mess up their peace by disrupting their sense of harmony.

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When you’re dating a Scorpio

Scorpions are a bunch of suspicious people, border lining on insecurity. They can go a bit overboard when it comes to cooking up stories in their heads regarding infidelity. It’s best to not give them real reasons to doubt your sincerity.

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When you’re dating Sagittarius

Sagittarius people love their space and freedom. Don’t take it away from them by continuous nagging and you’ll be fine. On the other hand, try just once to interfere with their space and you can call yourself single.

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When you’re dating a Capricorn

Capricorns are serious, ambitious and value their privacy above all else. Allow them to breathe and don’t reveal their secrets to the world and you got yourself a keeper.

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When you’re dating an Aquarius

Aquarions are a bunch of extremely extrovert people. They are fun loving and like socializing with people. So if you’re anti-social or an introvert, it’s going to be a challenging relation.

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When you’re dating a Piscean

Pisceans are givers. If they are truly into you, they’ll shower you with love and affection more than you’ll be able to handle. But, you’ll have to reciprocate their love or else they can get really pissed off.

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