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You Did It!

Congratulations on taking the first step on your journey with Origami Owl. I am honored that you have chosen to be a part of our team and do not take my job as your mentor for granted. You have joined one of the most supportive groups of women in the company and I know you will be a great asset to our team! Whether you joined as a hobby, part-time job, or full-time career, we will be here to help you reach those goals!

You are probably thinking, ok, so I just got my DIW confirmation number, now what? That is a great question, and one that I will answer for you in an easy, step-by-step, checklist. Designers in Waiting often find the wait list to be a challenge because of the excitement in getting your new business launched! I don't blame you! However, I find that it is a great time to take advantage of and learn about the company. Work with your mentor to get your processes in place, and talk about your new adventure with friends/family and co-workers to build up excitement for when your invite arrives.

Please try to not get discouraged during this waiting period. Origami Owl is an amazing opportunity and it is clear you see that and know it will be worth the wait. Your invitation will be here before you know it!

Below is a list of action steps you can take to get ready, as well as a list of Do's & Don'ts that you will need to follow as a DIW. Please read over the list and contact me with any questions you may have. You have chosen an amazing team to be a part of, and I am so excited to do my part in helping you become successful with your Origami Owl business. Congrats!


Amanda Parrish

Step-by-Step Designer in Waiting Checklist

1. Contact me Immediately either by phone, on Facebook, or by email so I can get your DIW confirmation number and help you track your place in line!

2. Once you contact me, I will add you to the Sparkling Hooters team page that our direct Senior Team Leader has created. In this group we have lots of documents, photos and training tools that you can read over while you are on the Origami Owl Waiting List. You will also meet other DIWs and Official Designers so that you can have immediate support while you wait.

3. Start reading through all the manuals, guidelines and procedures of how things work and the history of Origami Owl. The policy and procedure manual is super important and I highly recommend reading it and writing down some questions. Most of these are located in the Files section of our team FB page. I will check with you to make sure you were able to find those successfully.

4. Next look through the pictures posted on the group page so that you can get ideas on how you would like to set up your display for Jewelry Bars. I will have a list of websites available to you that are helpful in providing some of the items to help organize your Origami Owl Business.

5. Get to know your new team on Facebook. This is your support hub. We will help you answer any questions you have, get you motivated and keep you excited about your Origami Owl business.

6. Purchase a Locket. Some wait till they start their business, but why not purchase one now or host a party so you can start talking up your new business. The Origami Owl lockets definitely cause people to start talking, so the time is now. You can purchase one at wholesale through me so that you can start showing it off. If you have already done this then you are one step ahead of the game!

7. If you are local to me, I would suggest shadowing a party. I will also be posting a video on parties very soon so you can get an idea of how easy they really are and feel comfortable. We will go over the basics for throwing a Jewelry Bar so you will be fully prepared.

8. Read through the material on our Senior Team Leader's website: www.sparklinglockets.com. She is the creator of the Sparkling Hooters (and my mentor) and has posted tons of information in regards to the business, hosting and more. The best time is now while you are waiting to get familiar with everything about Origami so that when your kit comes, you can are already trained and ready to go.

9. Message me, call me or text me with any and all questions you have. I am ALWAYS only a message away and I am here to help YOU succeed.

10. Look online for videos and information that may help you get ideas or how you should run and organize your Origami Owl business. Write everything down and apply what fits you best.

11. Message me your why. Why did you join Origami Owl and what are you goals? This is very important, as it is my job to help you get to where you want to be. I am your own personal cheerleader.

Designer In Waiting Do's & Don'ts

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Designer In Waiting Updates

Updates usually occur on Monday nights. Corporate will inform us of how many invites they will be sending out for the week. As soon as I know or hear anything, I will always notify you immediately. Be sure you are a member of our Sparkling Hooters group as an additional way to stay on top of any new updates.

Here is the link where you can check your DIW Placement:


What Makes You Unique?

As you begin your journey as a Designer In Waiting I challenge you to really focus on what makes you unique. I will be here to help guide you in the right direction, but this is your business and it is important that you make it your own. Take some time to really gain confidence in the strengths that you possess that will make you the best Designer and Mentor you could possibly be. Customers can find anyone to purchase Origami Owl from; however, when your enthusiasm and confidence shines through, they are going to choose you! My mentor once told me that it takes about 10 seconds for that awkward feeling to go away when you get out of your comfort zone. Are you willing to sacrifice 10 seconds of your day to get out of your comfort zone and really start to see some exciting changes take place?

I challenge you to figure out what your "why" is. This needs to be something that gets you out of bed in the morning and motivates you to be better than you were yesterday. This "why" needs to get you through the tough days and make it all worthwhile. I can't wait to hear what is going to motivate you to achieve your dreams! You got this!

About Me

I am a wife, mother to 2, and bonus mom to 3. I am actively involved in my church, and enjoy serving in our church office. I have also recently began earning my Certified Volunteer certificate with Courage Worldwide. This charity is a huge passion of mine and I can't wait to see how I am able to help out and work with them in conjunction with my business. I enjoy traveling and exploring new things with my family. It is a dream of mine to be able to tour Europe with my husband in the near future!

After graduating from college, I knew there had to be a better way to make a living and still spend the quality time I desired with my family. I came in contact with Origami Owl through an acquaintance and immediately fell in love with the product, company, and the values they instill. With previous direct sales experience in another company I was able to catch on quickly at what an amazing opportunity Origami Owl is. Our compensation plan is one of the best in the industry, and our hostesses are treated like queens. I have had so much fun connecting with new women, learning their stories, and inspiring women to gain the confidence they have always dreamed of. I am so excited you have decided to come on this journey with me. I am only a phone call away and can't wait to help you achieve your goals!