Presidential Menú

Best In Town

Main Dishes

Obama's Stuffed Economy Burger- Premium USDA choice beef bought using taxpayers money, and made by aliens from mexico. 14.99

Lyndon B. Johnson's Soup of Lies- A hearty portion of splattered brains, topped with finely shredded conspiracy. 6.99

Nixon's Scandalous Steak Fajitas- Our signature tortillas filled with mouth watering steak with a hint of scandalous seasoning. 12.99

JFK'S Bay of Pigs in a Blanket- Our premium cut pork imported straight from Cuba wrapped in a crispy failed CIA attempt. 10.99

Bush's Buffalo Wings- A killer wing sauce lightly battered over our innocent chicken fried till crispy, served with a side of jet fuel sáuce. 16.99

The 2 Term Skillet- Comes with two eggs and two pieces of juicy bacon, limit 2 servings per person. 8.99

Veto Sub - Is made with some special override sauce,tender meats with an added choice of rejected ingredients. Don't deny this sub! 7.99

Executive Ordered Pizza- A meat lovers special topped with presidential orders, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and crust seasoned with legal authority. 14.99


Trumper Totts- Breaded and deep fried served with our increased border patrol dipping sáuce. 2.99

Hoover's Depressing Deep Fried Pickles- Our worst quality dried up pickles breaded in dust, and fried using sunlight. .05

Chicken Pardon Poppers- This specially crafted side is covered with crispy breadcrumbs, seasoning, and legal forgiveness of one crime. 2.99

Loaded Amnesty Fries- These tender fries are topped with 3 different cheese, bacon, and pardon seasoning. Perfect for law breakers and criminals alike. 3.99

Ronald Reagan's Popular Onion Rings- Crispy rings, dipped in a secret batter are as popular as a movie star and help create a sense of national pride. 3.99


Bloody Lincoln- 8 ounces of pure Derringer mixed with a shot of 44 whiskey, ( you'll feel this one right behind your left ear) 4.99

Reprieve Margarita - A 10 ounce cocktail filled with tequila, lemon juice , and a postponement of legal punishment. (Strawberry or Lime Options)This one is sure to wet your whistle. 5.99

Vodka Treaty Exclusive- Prepare for one strong drink that is not for the faint of heart. 25 ounces of formal agreements between foreign nations. Must seek approval of the senate before drinking. 6.99


Taft's Tub of Fudge Flavored Ice Cream- A conservative tub of ice cream, with fudge, and vanilla. Topped with an optional cherry, sprinkles, and a Supreme Court Justice. 7.99

Woodrow Wilson's Waffle Special- Golden brown waffles, soft and sweet topped with one ice cream scoop, and powdered sugar. All this with an added bonus of the League of Nations although "this may fail to please you" 5.99

FDR V-Day Cake- The ultimate chocolate cake that is mostly purchased for major victories. This cake also comes with the four term bonus. Four plate refills for free! 4.99

Harry S. Truman Atomic Apple Pie- A hand crafted pie that will sooth your taste buds and make crave for more. Its so good it could end a war. 3.99

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