Grigory Rasputin

Holy Man or Mad Monk?

Family and Friends

Efim Rasputin- his father

Anna Rasputin- his mother

Praskovya Rasputin- his wife

Maria, Varvara, and Dimitri- his children

George Sasonov- a newspaper man, his friend

Aron Simanovich- friend and business partner

Olga Lokhtin- a follwer of his


1869- Rasputin is born, in a town in Siberia.

1878- Dimitri, Rasputin's brother dies.

1883- Rasputin has a vision and thinks he sees god.

1888- Rasputin marries Praskovya, soon after he visits a monastery. He spends the following years as a wandering holy man.

1897-1900- Rasputin's three children are born.

1903- Rasputin arrives in St. Petersburg and meets important religious leaders.

1904- Alexis, heir to the throne, is born with hemophilia. Russia and Japan go to war.

1905- Rasputin is introduced to the tsar and tsarina. Russian workers and peasants riot against the tsar.

1907- Rasputin convinces Tsarina Alexandra that he can heal her son. He becomes a frequent guest.

1910- Rumors surface about Rasputin's "unholy" dealings with women.

1911- Bishop Hermogen and Iliodor accuse Rasputin in public.

1914- Rasputin survives assassination attempt. World War One begins.

1915- Tsar takes command of troops, leaving Alexandra and Rasputin to run the country.

1916- Rasputin goes for tea with Prince Yusupov.

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December 29th, 1916- The Shooting