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Nominations Now Open for BCS School Counselor of the Year

All BCS School Counselors are exceptional. Honor the one you favor with a nomination as BCS School Counselor of The Year!

Tell Us Why Your Nominee is the Best of the Best!

We're looking for an exceptional school counselor that is always setting the bar high with supporting our students in their academics, social/emotional health, and more!

Michele Ransom, the 2021-2022 School Counselor of the Year, also finds new and innovative ways to help prepare students at Rosemont Elementary School for the future, and we are looking for the next nominees who follow these high standards:

  • Maintains the highest standards of personal conduct;
  • Strives to be model citizens of their community as well as the school counseling community and their broader professional community;
  • Delivers equitable, comprehensive, preventative and developmental counseling programs;
  • Demonstrates leadership, advocacy, and collaboration in their work;
  • Fosters collaborative relationships with colleagues, students and their families, and the community to promote student achievement, and
  • Utilizes data in order to drive decision making.
  • The nominee must be currently employed in Berkeley County Schools (BCS) as a full-time school counselor with at least three years of experience in BCS. At least one year must be at the level they are currently working.

  • A BCS administrator, faculty/staff member, parent/guardian, fellow school counselor colleague or student may nominate the counselor.

  • Nominees must demonstrate evidence of strong leadership and outstanding implementation of BCS Counseling Standards and BCS vision and mission statements which include ensuring students are prepared with the academic, career, and personal/social knowledge and skills necessary to successfully function in and be productive members of 21st century society.


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This newsletter is a publication of the Berkeley County Schools' Communications Office on April 13, 2023.