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Car Travels In Vijayawada - 7 Techniques For Make Your Excursion Exciting and Unforgettable

Car travel can be fun if you plan properly and take care of some basic things. Car Travels In Vijayawada can certainly make your holiday memorable and happy one. On this page I am sharing my 7 secrets to assist you to enjoy your car or truck escape to the fullest...

Secret 1 - Buy Your Car Ready to the Trip

It makes no difference the method that you are traveling- Alone, with kids, with family, with friends or with a business travel, it is vital that your car or truck is ready.

Be sure your car or truck is in good condition.

It is advisable to find the problems fixed in convenience of a garage as an alternative to expecting your local mechanic on the highway in order to complete his lunch so they can fix your car or truck.

I've possessed a really nasty experience of 1999 while on a trip to my home townKhatuali and Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh from Delhi on scooter. I had left home reasonably early every morning to protect yourself from busy traffic and heat (it was actually summer time) assuming that my scooter was in great shape.

By pass, everything was smooth till I reached Meerut. I stopped there for a time to stretch my muscles and whenever aimed to start the scooter again, it refused.

I had to drag it around one half kilometer to identify a mechanic. That nasty thing wasted my 5 hours in scorching heat. It ruined my whole day. I bought really disappointed and frustrated; don't allow this to afflict you

Here are several general what you should check.

1. Condition of tires

2. Battery

3. Headlights

4. Coolant

5. Wipers

6. Horn

7. As well as...brakes

Also, do yourself a favor. Get the fuel air and tank pressure in tires in place the night before so you can have a sound sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.

Here are some important things to keep in your car before making a move now.

1. Another tire with proper air pressure

2. Tool box plus a military knife

3. 1-2 matchboxes

4. A torch with new batteries

5. 1 Toilet soap

6. 1-2 Small towels

7. A compact water can (I enjoy 5 liters) for general use like washing hands, cleaning your car's wind screen and cooling your car or truck in the event that it gets overheated.

8. A good amount of water (I recall getting a bottle of packaged mineral water to clean my a few months old son's potty because we had none left in a vehicle)

Secret 2 - Be Sure To Have Everything That You Need Prior To Move

It usually is a great idea to plan your holiday upfront.

Make a list of the facts you require. Once they will not come to your mind at. Note them down as and when they are offered to the mind, with a paper or maybe in your cellphone. This can help you keep all the things into position instead of forget anything.

If the thing you forgot at home is something you can't do without, you'll have to buy it which will put some load on your pocket. (I remember purchasing a milk bottle for our baby because we had forgotten the bottle at home, the bottle we purchased was of inferior quality and we had to throw it away after single use, waste of money)

Also, you may take the aid of your past trips. Try and recall what everything you have taken on that trip, it surely helps.

Secret 3 - Leave Early but Don't Leave Too Early

Normally i prefer traveling in morning. Leaving home a little bit early every morning is a superb option frequently. It not simply assists you to avoid city jams and traffic, it reduces your travel time, fuel consumption and stress level too

But here's a catch - Don't leave home too early. Why?

1. If you find some technical problem in a vehicle that you just can't handle you might have trouble locating a mechanic

2. If you get lost, you might not find some one to ask for directions

3. You might face a difficult time if you need something to eat or may be a medicine.

4. You can receive stopped by police for checking and therefore might consume a a good good timeframe.

Secret 4 - Have Plenty of Meals

It is rather an easy task to eat anything in your house just make sure are traveling, it will not be so easy.

To protect yourself from disappointment always have ample food snacks and items to meet your taste buds.

What follows is a general list to help you started (modify it for your needs. Their list below can be something I enjoy when you are traveling by car.

1. A 2 liter bottle of soft drink

2. 3-4 packets of plain salted potato chips

3. 2-3 packets of the most popular biscuits

4. Some grapes, apples and mangoes or any seasonal fruit

5. Last yet not the least 4-5 paranthas (A form of Indian bread) with Aam ka achar (Mango pickle) and Aaloo ki subzi (Spicy dish made out of potato

Kids might be fussy about eating, (Also i remember being exactly the same as i was really a kid)

Your trip could be a little uncomfortable if you don't have something which they like to eat. Confer with your young ones anything they prefer and get ready because of the things upfront

Now, let's focus on the Highway restaurants.

Generally I don't like eating their way.

If you want to eat something at ANY such restaurants, make sure you clearly understand what is you ordering and how much you need to pay for that. (A few of them are notorious for overcharging and misbehaving with customers)

Secret 5 - Keep General and Specific Medicines Handy

Make sure you have general medicines like some anti acid tablets, painkillers (for mild headaches and stomachaches) with your dashboard.

I recommend purchasing medicines a day before from your trusted neighbor hood medical store so you get genuine medicine. Never depend on roadside medical stores. I am not suggesting that not one of them are genuine but one never knows.

I have got 2 medical stores where I buy my medicines and so i stick with them because I trust both regarding genuineness of your medicines and cost.

Nothing could possibly be worse than getting stuck in the traffic jam by using a severe headache or nausea without having medicine.

If you are on some kind of prescription, it is very important to keep all your medicines in place. Not needing medicines if you want them may be very uncomfortable.

Secret 6 - Spice Up Your Holiday with Music

If you have to cover a lot of distance, traveling can be boring. Music can make you sing, uplift your mood and consequently make the trip a special one. Be sure your music technique is functioning properly and you will have a great deal of songs to savor in CDS, pen drives etc (Along with the Fm radio stations)

I remember going by bus for my cousin's marriage some couple yrs ago. The space was around 130 kilometers. The motorist had the background music system but no cassettes to perform where there had been no FM Radio stations in those days. It was actually this sort of boring trip.

Don't allow this to afflict you, be sure to have both - music system along with the songs.

Secret 7 - Don't Mix Drink and Drive

Safety factors always first. You will be heading out of town to acquire some outside air instead of to get into some serious trouble. I really want you to attain safe.

Before or while driving, NEVER consume any alcoholic beverage. There are many medicines also that make you sense dizzy. It is advisable to protect yourself from them. Let some one else drive if that is not possible. No compromise for this, It is actually a question of life and death.

I really hope you see these 7 secrets important to make the trip a happy and memorable one.