Transforming Learning and Teaching

Turn Your Students Into 21st Century Teachers

Edge Above the Rest

As education budgets and teaching jobs are being cut in school districts nationwide, it is imperative that beginning teachers have something that sets them apart in a very competitive job market.

But as education itself changes at an unprecedented speed, how can colleges and universities help set their students apart?

Begin Professional Development While Still in School

One area where young teachers do have an edge is with technology. Many beginning teachers are of the generation that is already familiar with technology, whereas many practicing teachers still struggle. By utilizing Transforming Learning and Teaching’s Weekly Tech Lessons for Teachers email professional development program , colleges and universities can help students to channel their knowledge of and comfort with technology into building projects, units and curriculum that will impress future employers.

TLT’s Weekly Tech Lessons for Teachers is instructional technology-focused professional development that is created by teachers, for teachers. It is utilized by classroom teachers and administrators, to help introduce teachers to education-focused Web 2.0 technologies to teachers, as well as to provide instruction on using the technologies and ideas for implementing them into the classroom.

TLT is also making the Weekly Tech Lessons for Teachers available to college students. By receiving the same professional development tools that school districts provide to their teachers, students can, from the start of their college careers, begin to understand how teachers approach curriculum development, and begin to gather ideas to use with their own future students.

Instruction for Today and Tomorrow

Providing students with TLT’s Weekly Tech Lessons for Teachers can strengthen their current educational experience, provide important learning and insights that will help in job interviews and early placements and help young teachers to become better prepared to provide meaningful instruction that merges content area and technological literacy skills to their own students.

Additionally, Tech Lessons for Teachers can be utilized immediately by education students and professors – to enhance students’ own coursework, to provide discussion and assignments for education courses and to be utilized in student teaching practicums and placements. The technologies introduced, along with the tutorials and implementation ideas provided by TLT, will enhance current learning and future teaching for all students.

See It to Believe It!

But don’t take our word for it! Attached to this message is a sample email, just like one of the weekly emails that your students will receive when you subscribe to TLT. Please feel free to share this resource with your students, colleagues, and anyone else whom you think may benefit from this technology. Your students can receive an email like this, featuring a new technology, every single week. That’s 40 new programs every year that will enhance and invigorate learning and teaching for all students, in all classes.

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