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In reality, SEO is nothing about secrets. If there is one secret, this is to use the common sense! Optimizing yes, but optimizing smart is the key. The first important step comes when you select your keywords. Keywords are not equal and what looks like an excellent keyword may not be so excellent. What do you think is a good keyword? A good keyword is popular. Correct. If you sell car accessories, it is surely better to say “car accessories” than “auto mobile accessories”. When both are written, you and me are thinking about the same thing but very few people will use the later. However, “car accessories” is so trendy that its popularity is making it a tough keyword. Everybody selling car stuff will target this keyword. Do you really feel like fighting a crowd? Maybe it would not be the safest choice for your business. This is where SEO expertise becomes handy. A good keyword should be popular and moderately competitive. Every keyword selection should start with a brainstorm. Finding equivalent words, slightly variant words and checking them out. Let say that “auto accessories” is somewhere in the middle of the two previous ones in term of traffic but much less competitive than the first one. Why would not you target this keyword? Surely it is less traffic but because the competition is lower, then your site will share the searches with fewer competitors and at the end you may be more likely to get traffic.

Now, to go even further, the wealth of your website is not really about traffic, it is about sales. So, the keywords should have one more characteristic: it should be good at converting visitors into buyers. How to do this? The answer is to avoid deceiving people and to drive relevant traffic. The more specific the keywords are, the more relevant the traffic is. You do have to understand though that this means to target less people, but more interested ones. You may improve website traffic in term of quality without increasing the traffic volume. For example, your keyword could be “Audi car accessories”, only owners of Audi cars would come but they would be very happy to find an Audi section rather than hunting for Audi compatible items in an online store. The traffic is smaller certainly but why not adding a new keyword “BMW car accessories”, “Toyota car accessories”… The secret of experts in a SEO company India is to combine the keywords to get the traffic that keeps your business going.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Internet Marketing is quite a broad term. However, it serves one single objective: to help a business gain online visibility in order to reach its audience more effectively. Putting all the eggs in one single basket is not the best advise to follow. The old saying is still very wise in Internet Marketing. Hiring a SEO Company India which can use different but complementary angles to aim your target is the way to go safely.

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Crystal-Clear Prices. No Hiden Fees.

Internet Marketing has a cost and you have to make sure to get the best out of it without falling in an infernal loop of add-ons. We have assembled packages for all our services. The prices are fixed and all inclusive. With ACSIUS, you go through your marketing campaign with serenity.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO should not be elitist and we say it loud: SEO for All. Get started with only 250 USD/month.

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Social Media Marketing

Google gives the power back to people. Let's have them talk about your business for less than 12 USD/day.

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Web Design & Development

Your business does not have to squeeze into a template. Get a customized design in HTML for only 200 USD.

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Content Writing

Promoting with words is not trivial.
benefit from professional skills starting with only 2.5 USD/100 words.

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