How to Make a Extrafine potion

extrafine by Ben

what does extrafine do

well extrafine is basically a potion that can turn you in to any animal you want for example if you wanted to turn into a lizard all you need is its blood and some other stuff.

How to Make extrafine

first you have to get the blood of what ever animal you want to turn into then a piece of your hair, and some moss from any lake and some apple juice then you find a pot or whatever you can to mix it in then get a spoon and mix for 2 minutes then let it settle for 2 hours.

may i suggest to turn into a cheetah, bat and a elephant.

what are its main features.

its main features are the terrible taste it has a really bad taste but good aftertaste, and no side effects.

thanks for taking up your time of reading this, although i am sorry that it doesn't work but you can make it for fun, if you want.