Education & families

Medieval Europe


  • Eduction was NOT very important
  • Once education started to paint the image of success it became more important
  • Going to school and getting an education was not done by everyone
  • Only some people could go to school and most were boys
  • Girls were sent to different households to learn household things that are necessary
  • The sons of Lords would go to learn manners and how to play chess
  • Education was done by monk so the students would meet in a cathedral
  • Children would often have to sit on the floor because there were no seats and no desks
  • The main method of learning is memorizing
  • Everything the student learned was oral because they didn't have chalkboards
  • The student would have to present what they learned the next day therefore their memory was strong
  • The students used wax tablets with a stylus made out of ivory, bone, or metal to write with
  • Math was very important
  • Children would learn from watching their parents

Medieval Europe Families

  • Children were shaped out by their environment
  • Those who married or born into a rich family would have led a rich life
  • The life of one person was easily reflected to how his family status was
  • Marriages had nothing to do with love or romance
  • Marriages were used to affect the family, economy, and inheritance
  • Parents would try to get their children to marry someone of the high status so that the family could have also gotten the change of privileges
  • Inheritance came in mostly when the family only had daughters
  • The father would want to leave the possessions to their son
  • During marriage the wife was property of the husband
  • A wife who had scolded her husband would have been beaten and kicked and been treated with very little respect
  • Without the women the household would have never been convenient
  • Many families preferred to have sons rather than daughters