The Flashlight

By: Sierra Skoog

All about the inventor

The inventor was Akiba Horowitz he got his name changed to Conrad Hubert when he moved to the U.S.A from RussiaConrad was very interested in the light bulb and was also interested in ways to make light portableConrad was born in Minsk, Russia on April 15th, 1856, he camw to the U.S.A in 1891Conrad was the founder of American Eveready( now Energizer) to market his inventions.Conrad died in 1898 and gave most of his will to his relatives and his estate, the remaining money he donated to chairty.

All about the Flashlight

All about the invention

The flashlightwas invented in 1902The invention was thought of and inspired by torches. When the lightbulb was invented, Conrad wanted to make a portable lighting device, which he did.The flashlight was the first poratble electric lighting device.The flaslight's patent was issued on August 26th 1903 in the U.S.A.The flashlight is actually called the electric torch in Europe