Historical Murderer Project

By Jeff Perkins

Background of the Crime

Genene Jones was a pediatric nurse who killed an unknown amount of infants and children in her care during work at Bexar County Medical Center. No one knows the exact amount because hospital officials destroyed records of her activities to prevent problems after her conviction. The guess of how many children killed were between 1-50. Genene Jones would cause her patients to have medical crises and try to save them from the injures she induced on them. Some drugs she used were injections of digoxin, heparin, and then succinylcholine to make her patients critically ill then she would intend on on reviving them afterward to get praise and attention. Most kids didnt survive the initial attack and couldn't be saved.


These crimes were committed from 1971–1984. During this time there were many social issues going on including the civil rights movement, women rights movement, and anti-war protests. During this time forensic science was used in many crimes and was evolving very strongly. I believe non of these events influenced the crimes. I believe that the crimes were done to give the murderer a sense of pride and acknowledgement.


During this crime Genene Jones was the only suspect. They connected Genene Jones to the crime by figuring out that a number of her patients entered her care with only mild cases of discomfort or illnesses but would end up going through a medical crises or even end up dead. Genene Jones motive was to give her patients dangerous drugs to cause them to have a medical crises. While her patients would have a medical crisis Genene Jones would try to act as a "hero" and save the children from the medical crisis she put them in to get praise and acknowledged. The opertunity that Genene Jones had was whenever she would be assigned a certain infant or child patient.

Physiological Suspect

Genene Jones did not pled insanity and didn't have any serous mental issues. It is known that Genene Jones committed those murders to get praise and acknowledgment. In her head she believed that if she made her patients critically ill and then later saved them she would be looked at as a "hero" or a very well trained and skilled nurse.


Evidence dound in the murders were the different poisonous drugs that the Genene used in the bodies of the children. A doctor in the office discovered puncture marks in a bottle of succinylcholine in the drug storage, where only she and Jones had access. Contents of the full bottle were later found to be diluted. This proves that Genene used a drug that didn't need to be used on a child that was in her care. Using science techniques and certain medical rules today I believe that the idea of foul play during Genene Jones murders would be found out sooner. Rules in hospitals and rules nurses have to follow now are very strict and the use of different drugs givin to patients is recorded every time the drug is used. Also now there is a rule that 2 nurses must be present during the retrieving and disposing of drugs that were given to patients.
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Genene Jones was sentenced to 99 years in prison for killing a 15-month-old girl named Chelsea McClellan with succinylcholine. Later that same year, Genene was sentenced 60 years in prison for nearly killing Rolando Jones with a drug called heparin. Due to a law to prevent prison overcrowding Genene Joneswill be scheduled for mandatory release in 2017.


My theory of why Genene Jones put poisonous drugs in children that were in her care was because Genene wanted to get the children as sick as possible to the point of a medical crisis with the intent to save the child at the last moment to act as a "hero" and act as if she saved her patient's life at the last moment. I believe Genene Jones wanted to get praise and acknowledgment for her "miraculous" saves when working with her patients.