UDSD Transportation

December/January Public Newsletter

Transportation Note to School

In our last newsletter we introduced a uniformed document to be used at all of our schools when students go home with other students. This document is not to be confused with the AR810 on the District website. The aforementioned document, Transportation Note to School, is now available on the web page of all of our Upper Dublin Schools. Beginning January 2, 2020 this will be the only accepted document to allow students to ride the bus.

*Please note that additional ridership is limited to the capacity of the vehicle and students requesting to ride buses that they are not regularly assigned to may be turned away.*

Winter Weather

This time of year can provide us with some amazing imagery, it can also wreak havoc on schedules. During the upcoming months you may find that there are obstacles such as ice and snow blocking walking paths to school or the bus stop. Although these obstructions may impact your child's trip to and from school, we have no authority over your neighbors when they haven't cleared their sidewalks. In these cases it is best to call the township and they will handle the matter appropriately within their ordinances.

Some safety notes for inclement weather:

  • Students should allow more time to get to the bus stop in the morning
  • Students should dress appropriately based upon the weather conditions
  • Students waiting in cars at the bus stop should exit the car when the bus is approaching, not when the bus arrives at the stop
  • Students should use caution getting on and off of the bus

Upcoming Changes to the Transportation Web Page

In early January we will be giving a much needed facelift to the transportation page of the District website. At first changes will be subtle, however, there will be a lot more information including links to policy information, important documents, past safety investigations, and quick links to email transportation office personnel.

In the near future you can expect to see pictures of our buses with our wonderful students and staff, videos on bus safety, and links to our parent app when it becomes available.

No matter what it is that you celebrate, over the next few weeks take the time to celebrate families and yourselves. After all, it's because of you that our District is so successful. From my family to yours, I truly hope you have the happiest of holidays!