Stage Fright

By: Uttami G.

What is Stage Fright?

Stage fright is when you start feeling anxious about doing something in front of an audience. It's really just your body telling you not to do something because of a fear, but it takes a huge toll on your self-esteem and confidence.

Why Does it Happen?

Stage fright occurs when your body goes into self-protect mode, and you don't know what to expect in the future. You're worried that you might bomb your presentation or speech (which could ruin your reputation), and this is why your brain starts thinking of all the possible ways something could go wrong.

What are the Symptoms?

Usually, your heart starts beating a little faster and your hands feel clammy. Some people, like me, start shaking all over, and it's so bad sometimes that you can actually notice it. You may also get that 'butterflies in your stomach' feeling, a dry mouth, and dizziness. You feel like you want to curl up in a fetal position, because your body is trying to protect you from a danger(which, in this case, is the audience).

How do you Cure Stage Fright?

  • gently hum to yourself
  • chew gum
  • stretch/exercise
  • meditate
  • avoid caffeine
  • laugh as much as you can
  • reach there early
  • talk to members in the audience
  • imagine that every seat in the audience is a clone of your favorite person
  • drink citrus juice
  • recite the words to your favorite song or poem
  • visualize success
  • practice until memorized
  • watch your own performance
  • learn to improvise
  • turn off your mind
  • fake confidence
  • think positive

Video on How to Cure Stage Fright

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