Carnegie Updates

for the week of October 12th Principal Pollard

"Pink in the Sky"

Dear Carnegie Professionals,

Kudos to the Carnegie Staff & Students! Sarah Johangiry, Discovery Education was delighted to see how we are implementing digital media in our curriculum. She was amazed and inspired by our teachers and students. She is arranging for representatives from the Discovery Education Chicago Office to attend our "Family Technology Night"; as well as provide press coverage for our event. Let's continue to implement digital media into our curriculum.

There will be a Fire Drill this week. You are review Fire Drill procedures with you class.

Picture Day for all students is scheduled for Thursday, October 15th in the gym. You are turn in funds and your payor's list to the main office. Gym will be held on the classroom on October 15th. A Picture Day schedule will be placed in your mailbox by Wednesday, October 14th.

CHANGED: The "Pink in the Sky" Balloon Release will be held on Friday, October 16th at 3:00 p.m. Funds are to be collected and recorded on a payor's list and sent to the main office. Please encourage your class to purchase a balloon for .50 cent. All students that purchase a balloon may be Out-of-Uniform (Pink attire). Balloons will be delivered to your classroom along with copies of your payer's list for teachers to distribute balloons to students. For additional information, see Dr. Coleman in Room 221. Funds raised will support our Sports Program.

Family Technology Night will be held on Thursday, October 22nd at 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. All staff & MSU Student Interns are asked to facilitate a session with their students. We will raffle Walmart gift cards and prizes. The class with the most parents in attendance will receive a field trip to the Cheese Cake Factory (4th-8th) or a Pizza Party (Pre-K-3rd). So, encourage your students & parents to attend. Teachers & staff will be compensated for participating. For additional information, see Mrs. F. Nimpson-Boateng in Room 222.

The following After School Professional Development Workshops will be held for the month of October from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm:

  • IB-MYP Planning Meeting-October 13th, 15th & 20th in Room 224.
  • Diverse Learner Meeting-October 13th & 15th in Room 219.
  • Math Talk PD-Monday, October 19th in Room 221.
  • Discovery Education PD-Wednesday, October 27th in Room 218.
  • ClassDojo PD-Thursday, October 29th in Room 204.

Domain 2: Classroom Environment

  • You are to ensure that you have contact information for each student in your class. You are to continue to invite your parents to join Remind or ClassDojo.
  • There must be evidence that you are implementing CHAMPS. You are to reinforce transitions and hallways protocols with your class.

Domain 3: Instruction

Key Features for Focused Instruction "I DO" include:

  • Establishing Purpose must include setting objectives. Simply posting objective(s) will not make the purpose clear to students. Objectives must be stated before and during the learning process.
  • Modeling & Demonstrating must include the name of the strategy, skill or task. State the purpose of the strategy, skill, or task. Explain when the strategy or skill is used. Use analogies to link prior knowledge to new learning. Demonstrate how the skill, strategy, or task is completed. Alert learners about errors to avoid. Assess the use of the skill.
  • Think-Alouds must describe how to make decisions, implement skills, activate problem-solving approaches and evaluate where success has been achieved.
  • Noticing is NOT evaluating. Its observing student thinking/reasoning. "Mistakes need Noticing; Errors need Instruction".

Domain 4: Personal Responsibilities

  • The BOY 2015-16 administration window will close on 10/23. Scores must be entered in CIM before 5pm on 10/23. You are to reach out to your Team Chairperson for additional support.
  • Student Goal Setting conferences must be held by Friday, October 30th. You are to place signed Goal Setting sheets, NWEA Achievement Status and Class Report in your Carnegie Binder.
  • Our attendance rate for last week was 97.23%. Our school-wide attendance goal is 97%. You are to input attendance into IMPACT by 9:30 a.m. and send the Blue Attendance Folder to the front desk (Mr. Bush). Mr. Bush will call each classroom daily to cross check that students marked absence in IMPACT are absence. Continue to send Emergency Lunch and Medical Forms to the main office.
  • This week grade-level meeting will be led by the Team Chairperson. The focus of the meeting is Discovery Education "Spotlight on Strategy".
  • You are to read "Better Learning Through Structured Teaching, Chapter 3: Guided Instruction: Questions, Prompts and Cues by Tuesday, November 3rd.

ESP/MSU Student Interns:

  • You are to adhere to your duty schedule, especially during entry and exit times. All ESP/MSU student interns must be visual on school grounds. Circulating to groups of students. Any kindergarten through 4th grade student that are still on school grounds must be brought to the main office.
  • All parents/visitors must enter the building through the main entry only. Parents are NOT allowed to enter the building through any other door.

Carnegie Social Club

Carnegie Social Club will host a Breakfast & Costume Contest on Friday, October 30th. The cost $8.00 per person. Social Club dues are $30.00 and due to Ms. Butts, Room 127. Please join Carnegie Social Club!

"Spotlight on Instruction"

The 3rd & 4th grade students participate in Garden Education classes with the 61st Street Farmers Market Volunteers. Students work in the Greenhouse on 60th & Stony Island learning how to harvest kale, green beans, cinnamon basil, collard greens, tomatoes and peppers.

"Teaching & Learning Through Technology"

Mrs. N. King, Room 126 Kindergarten Gifted class uses MP3 players & Raz-Kids program to listen to their leveled reading book to help them build sight vocabulary, model of phrasing and fluency and to foster independence.

Supplemental Resources

Discovery Education Professional Development Resources:

  • October 15th - Education Station Virtual Field Trip Webinar - 1:00 p.m. Eastern
  • October 15th - Mathematical Modeling 101 Webinar - 5:00 p.m. Eastern

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