Big Universe

A collection of reading materials online

What is Big Universe?

Big Universe is a subscription eBook site available through our school district. There are over 5,000 leveled eBooks available that span a wide range of curriculum topics. These eBooks are perfect for differentiation and guided reading! Now is the time to make sure you have your classes set up and students able to log in if you haven't already done so. While it works fine for students to read these eBooks on the iPads, it will be easier for you to use your laptop to do the work in this challenge. Let's get started!

How to Log In

Setting Up Your Class

Once you're logged in, you'll need to add students to your class in order to assign books to them. Here's how:

  • Click on Manage in the upper right portion of your screen.
  • Click on Choose Students under Account Management.
  • Choose your grade level from the drop down menu and click Search.
  • Check the boxes beside each of your students' names.
  • Click Save Now at the bottom of the screen.
  • Continue this process on each page of student names.
  • They are now in your class!
  • Click on Manage again.
  • Click on Add/Manage Accounts under Account Management to see your student list.

If you weren't able to find some of your students, send those names to Karen ASAP. She'll add them to the FES list so you can add them to your class.

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Making Logging in Easier for Students

Having to type in their DOB can be frustrating and time consuming for many students! Fortunately, you are able to change the password to make it easier if you'd like.

If you'd like to simplify student log-ins so that they are able to use their student numbers for usernames and passwords, you may do so after you've added them to your class. Just follow the directions below: **Please do not change the username or password to any other name, word or number besides the student ID number!**

  • From the Add/Manage tab in Account Management, click on a student's name.
  • A box will pop up with their student number as their username along with two empty password boxes.
  • Copy and paste the student number into the two password boxes.
  • Be sure to click save!
  • Continue this process for every student in your class.
  • They'll log in with just their numbers for both username and password.
  • Group username is still rowan.

Assigning Books

You can search by reading level, keyword, genre, etc. Then you'll assign books so they'll be on the bookshelf when students log into Big Universe. You may choose to assign several different books to different students based on their various reading levels. Think of Big Universe as another tool to help you with differentiation and personalization.

  • Click on the yellow Read tab at the top.
  • Search for books.
  • Click on a book.
  • Click Assign under the title.
  • Check the boxes by students to whom you'd like this book assigned.
  • Click Assign.
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Receiving Credit

After adding students to your class, assign at least one book to each of them that you'll use for differentiated instruction (guided reading, literacy centers, etc.) in the next week or two. Email Karen or April and tell which books you have assigned to your students.