The Lost Boy

By Dave Pelzer


"Imagine a young boy who has never had a home. His only possessions are the old torn clothes he carries in a paper bag. His only world is isolation and fear".

What is the Author's purpose?

The author's purpose was to get people to understand what am abused child really goes through. How they feel in the inside and how it can damage or help a child's life in the future.

Principles learned:

Reading this book, I've learned multiple lessons such as:

  • A: It is hard to be socially accepted in the world if you are a foster child.
  • B: Everyone will be judge you based on what they see. But don't let other's opinion of you stop you from being the person you really are.
  • C: Don't let your fear prevent you from receiving the help you need.

Greatest Impression

Chapter 3 - In this chapter, David came to the decision in court that he wanted to live in a foster home rather than with his mother. David had always has a soft spot for his mother and made excuses for why she did the things she did to him. So I thought David was too scared to leave his mother and he would go back to her but he didn't. But he surprised me and made the choice to go into foster care with other children like him.

Rating of the book:

On a scale 1-5, I would rate this book a 3. It had a good story line to it and it sends an important message to the readers. But I would have liked to know more about the perspective of his family members. What was his mother's thoughts about David? What are his father's thoughts about the way his wife treated David? But overall, this is a good book that can relate to the issues we have in world today and can connect to children who have similar childhoods as Dave's.

Two Passages:

Page. 297: This passage is about David finally finding a mother's love. His foster mother, Alice, has always been there for David. She supports him on his ideas, she encourages him to do good, she listens to Davids thoughts, and lastly she cares deeply about him. She never once judged his actions because she understood his childhood and what his birth mother put him through. That is a love that David's real mother never gave to David. His one wish was to find love from a mother and Alice showed him that. So now his search for a mother's love is over.

Page: 289: David and his father reunited after not seeing each other for years. David admired his dad. He inspired David to be brave and help others when needed. But as he goes to look for him he finds out that his father became a drunk again and quit his job as a fireman. His mother drove him to the point where he let go of himself. His father told David before he left to never become like him. And those words pushed David to become a better this his father. Instead of following in his foot steps, David became a solider of the U.S Air force.

Something that surprised me was..

I was surprised at how David's father never stepped in to help David when he was getting abused. His father knew the pain his son was going through but not once did he call for help or try to stop the abuse from happening. He then blamed David for leaving her and going to live in a foster home. Because now his mother has gotten worse and it is making things harder for his father. Its shocking to me to know that his father would rather watch his own son get beaten than to be his mother's next victim.