"NTLB" By Jacqueline V. Smith

No Teacher Left Behind Act

" Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow."- Langston Hughes


  • Teachers are the most important part to the education process.
  • Teachers are producing successful lawyers, actors, athletes,and doctors.
  • Teachers are always continually acquiring new skills.
  • Teachers produce results.
  • Teachers impact and touches children lives.
  • Teachers exhibit positive expectations for all students
  • Teachers strive for excellence.
  • Teachers are always thinking, reflecting and implementing procedures to increase learning experiences.


  • Promote educational training classes.
  • Provide incentives to further your education.
  • Provide seminars on new strategies and techniques.
  • Provide motivational speakers to encourage teachers.
  • Create and maintain Teachers web communities.
  • Attend all educational conferences.

Should Teachers Across The Country Use Certain Practices?

Teachers are unique in there style and ability to reach students. Everyone is different. Teachers normally have embedded into their teaching strategy , how they were taught. Base on Gardner's domain of intelligence, individuals learn in different styles. Therefore teachers will teach differently, but arriving at the same destination. It does not matter which way I go , or what strategy I used, as long as the goal was obtained.

Should There Be A Consistent Standards For All Teachers?

Teachers are always held to high standards. With the every changing path to a successful education changing, it is vital for a teacher to change also. The standard I have set for myself as a teacher, is to continuously update my repertoire with new and fresh ideas to reach all learners regardless of their ability level. Technology is forcing teachers to accept the inevitable, that computer ability is a much needed skill in every day life. Teachers must foster and improve on building the 21st century skills to help produce children who have the ability to compete in the global world.


When I was doing my student teaching,NET-T standards were being instructed by web seminar. Listening to some teachers talk , they really do not have enough time. I feel they have really pushed the standards without thought to difference in people learning styles. Even though we are grown, we still learn in different ways and at a different pace.Standards are very important . It will take time and trial and error to reach the full potential of classroom participation. Teachers are learning with the students. It can almost make the teacher appear to be unprepared. It is a learning process for everyone. The people who put it on paper, should come and apply it in class.