Milkweed Bugs



They eat milkweed seeds and juice and other seeds and juices.

Life Cycle

They are in a egg for about a week and they are in there nymph stage for about a month. There is about five nymph stages. It molts through every stage. The final stage is adult.


On the head they have eyes and antenna. On the thorax they have wings and there six legs. On the abdomen they have there organs. They have black and red for there color. They have an x on there back. They don't have compound eyes.


When they hatch they are a millimeter long.


They taste so bad that you can die if someone eats to much of them or someones pet eats to much of them. There color tells predators to stay away.

Different Species

The large milkweed bug and the small milkweed bug and the milkweed beetle are all different species.

Interesting Facts

1. Milkweed bugs live in meadows and fields.
2. They don't have teeth, instead they have a tube like beak to eat there food.