The Bully

Paul Langan


Darrell Mercer a high school student has to move because his mom needs a better job. They have to move to California and right now they live in Philadelphia. Darrell is sad because he has to move away from all of his best friends. Darrell's best friend Malik takes him to this Restaurant for the last time to get him a cheese steak sandwich but Darrell is to sad to eat. When Darrell gets to California has to attend a different school called Bluford High. He meets this bully named Tyray he is such a jerk to Darrell. Then Darrell decides to join the wrestling team. When Darrell does wrestling he feels better and gets stronger. One day at lunch Darrell finally got even with Tyray. And he defeats him and claims his victory.

Quote and Theme

Theme: When you are stronger inside and out you can achive more goals when you are stronger and belive in yourself.


Paul Langan

Paul Langan is a author of a serise called the "Bluford Series''. He was born in Philladelphia and when he was in collage he lived with his friend Kenya. After he graduated he worked for a nonprofit agency in Philidelphia. Afterwards he joined a Townsend press as assistant editor.

Paul Langan