5th Grade News

June Thompson Elementary School

Arrival Time at Thompson

Did you know that school starts at 7:40 a.m. daily? Here at Thompson, students are arriving late to school. When you are late, you are missing out on VALUABLE learning.

Our school's administration and office staff are doing random attendance checks in classes. For those classes that have 100% of the kids that have arrived on time on the day of the check, the class will receive a small prize. Winning classes will be announced during the announcements.

In addition to the random attendance checks, the class with the fewest tardies in a month time period will earn 30 minutes extra recess with the Ms Campbell. The teacher will earn 30 minutes free time because Campbell will take the class.

Let's hit this one in for a home run 5th grade! We know we can ALL arrive on time to school!

Please help us with following the new dismissal procedures.

We started a new dismissal procedure before break for our walkers, walkers with siblings, and bike riders. To avoid a congestion at the crosswalk, and so our parents can pull their cars out quickly to get the line moving, we are holding the walkers/bike riders until 3:00 in the cafeteria. If you are a parent that walks up to the school to pick up your child(ren), please pick them up at the side cafeteria door entrance. This keeps our students from hanging out by the building and also keeps the first part of traffic flowing for our younger kids that get picked up early.

Remember, if you are late (after 3:05) picking up your child(ren), you are to park and enter through the front office. They will tell you to pick up your child in their classroom (separate classrooms for multiple children) where you are to sign a log that you are late. After 3 late arrivals, you will be contacted by the assistant principal. Thank you for being prompt for our teachers to continue working for the next day!

5th Grade Valentine's Day Party

Friday, Feb. 12th, 2-2:45pm

June Thompson Elementary School

5th Grade will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday, February 12 from 2:00-2:45.

A party supply list will be sent home by each teacher closer to the actual party date. Be on the look out for it.


Our big 5th grade field trip will be to the AT&T Stadium on April 22nd where we will have a VIP Cowboys tour! We are all excited about this tour.

Please make sure to turn in your $15 for the field trip admission. Permission slips will go out soon. If you plan on volunteering, you MUST get a background check to be a volunteer with CFB-ISD at least 2 weeks in advance.

Upcoming STAAR Testing

As we get closer to the STAAR, please make sure your student is doing their homework for all subject matters (given weekly), studying for tests by bringing home their textbook and/or spirals, and reading for meaning. We will be testing at the end of March and beginning of May in the 5th grade.

Visit to Dan F. Long Middle School

Dan F. Long Middle School will be hosting a Parent Preview on February 16 from 6:30-800 pm.

Our 5th Grade will visit Dan F. Long Middle school on February 18 from 9:00-12:00 pm.

Come Hear about the New Voting System to Elect School Board Members in CFBISD

The voting system used to elect School Board Members in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch School District is changing. For the May 7, 2016 election, Board Members will be elected using a cumulative voting system. In a cumulative voting system, voters can cast as many votes as there are seats up for election, including multiple votes for the same candidate.

Come find out more information about cumulative voting at one of these Town Hall meetings.


Saturday, February 20 10-11 amField Middle School

Saturday, February 20 10-11 amLong Middle School

Monday, March 21 7-8 pmPolk Middle School

Monday, March 21 7-8 pmBlalack Middle School

For more information, visit www.cfbelections.com.

4th Grade Spaghetti Dinner Night

As the old Italian Proverb says..."One does not live by bread alone..." add some Spaghetti to make it a meal!

Please come and join 4th Grade for a Spaghetti Dinner Night.

Valentine's Day Flower Sale

As Valentines go out, to people near and far,

This one I'm sending right to you,to say how nice you are.

Don't forget to get your special Valentine a flower.

Valentine's Day Flower sales begin on Monday, February 1, 2016 and end Thursday, February 11.

Jump Rope For Heart

February is our Jump Rope for Heart month! Kick off is Monday, February 1. There will be a jump team coming at 7:45. Then the Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser ends on February 26.


To purchase a yearbook presale price is $20.00

5th Grade Team

Please feel free to contact us during these hours for phone and in-person conferences.
Planning Time: 8:25-9:10 Monday-Friday
After School: 3:05-3:30 Monday-Friday

Mrs. Bocanegra - bocanegraprietoi@cfbisd.edu
Mrs. Crump - crumpj@cfbisd.edu
Mr. Jacob - jacobj@cfbisd.edu
Mr. Ledbetter - ledbettert@cfbisd.edu