Our Future with Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny will lead us to our great future.

Manifest Destiny is one of the of the greatest things that could happen happen to us. Our country is growing and Us gaining land shows that we can not only survive wars
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Manifest Destiny Portrait

This portrait shows that we are expanding and moving westward towards the pacific ocean. People are able to grow towns and show that we are able to develop new things such as the telegraph.

Reasons Manifest Destiny is good

(I) This country is able to spread democracy.

(II)More land allows us to expand and grow.

(III) This expansion allows us to earn money faster than when we were a smaller country.

(IV) The more land we have the more we have to explore which could have really valuable treasures and Misc. to sell to other countries.

To those who aren't moving west.

I understand the fact that you don't want to move because you already have a good life others don't want to be apart of a job and are wanting to make a profit as a business owner "they" are the ones who are going to go west-they may not make it but their children are going to be their successors- may make a fortune for whatever their doing.