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My favorite activity is Sand Lab, because you get to see sand up close and you get to touch it. Also we get to work with our elbow partner it was fun and that's why I picked this activity.

Carlos Aquino

Hey my name is Carlos Aquino I have one brother and two parents. I also ride dirt bikes for fun, also my dad and my brother have dirt bikes too. I have an Xbox One and a lot of games. My favorite games are Madden 17 and Call Of Duty Black Opps 3. I like to play soccer and football. Someday I will be a professional athlete like a football player and soccer player too. My favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. My favorite quarterback is Aaron Rodgers and my favorite wide receiver is Jordy Nelson. I have gotten hurt lots of times. I broke my arm and twisted my ankle. I have a grey iphone 6 and I play Pokemon Go on it. My family and I am very active, nice, strong, and talented too. My favorite foods are Italian food, Mexican food, and American food. My favorite thing to do is go outside, play video games, go places, and hangout with my friends. Finally, I like the Ducks and Angels too.