Do students get bullied because of their race?

What's The deal with Racism?

Racism is discrimination aimed against someone with a different race based on a beilief of thinking that their race is more superior than all other races.

Racism is found everywhere. Australia, India, Canada, China, USA, etc. There are some places where it is extremely serious, and other places where it isn't such an issue.


A 17 year old girl, Sarah, who was born and raised in Australia, and is bullied because of her race. She is a Filipino girl who wishes she was white. She hates being bullied because of how she looks. She wants to hide the fact that she is infact Filipino and not white. Her classmates tell her to "Go Home". " I don't get it. I am home. Australia is where I was born and I don't know any other life. When they say that, it makes me feel like I don't belong anywhere." - Sarah

Freedom Fighters

Racism existed since the beginning of time. Colored people were treated like nothing before any of these inspirational figures stood up (Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Rosa Parks, etc).

Being divided because of colors also counts as racism, just not as serious or important.

More than 87,000 racist incidents recorded in canadian schools


According to this article, near to 87,000 racist incidents have been recorded in 90 areas in Canadian schools. Some incidents include being called racist names or physical abuse.

Racism In Schools
This video is a timeline type video showing Racism in schools over the past few years

Sticks and stones

For many children, this type of bullying can and does hurt. They also feel like their culture and identity are not valued and, as a result, experience reduced levels of self-esteem and self-worth. As this is a time of self-development for the victims of racism too, these feelings may lead to a rejection of their own culture, language and values


Racism is a terrible thing that has to come to an end. Many freedom fighters have tried and have been extremely close to suceeding, each setting a higher bar for each other.You can do it as well. Start anywhere and begin your journey of stopping racism. The power of achieving greatness is within you. It doesn't matter if you have or haven't been affected yet, if you are any race, you have to endure the deadly blows Racism may through at you, but remember, You can help stop it.