Integrating Buses

Montgomery, Alabama

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What actions led to this?

One of the actions that led to this was when Rosa Parks got arrested. When Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a white man the other African Americans got angry because she was well respected. After she got out of jail her and others refused to ride the buses, they would walk and make their own carpools. After 381 days they unsegregated the buses because they were loosing business.
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What factors led to it?

The main factor that led to them to unsegregated the buses was when the African Americans refused to ride the buses and they lost money and business.

What resistance was overcome and how?

They overcame being discriminated by police and by white people when they walked by them by just simply ignoring them and they just kept walking.

What role did everyday people play?

The black community would have to practically be bullied by the whites, they were not accepted into any restaurant, bus, or school unless it was segregated, and even then they were treated bad. The whites however were treated very good, they had nice restaurants, schools, and front row seats on the bus.