Three Blind Mice In Court

By Sam Peach

The Arrest

The three blind mice were arrested on Friday on the misdemeanor of a noise complaint in which they didn't stop after a first warning. Once the Grand jury determined it was a valid case they gave an indictment for the case and they mice were given an arraignment date. They paid their bail but because of them paying it they had to get a public defender. They were offered a plea bargain of admitting to it and just paying the 5,000 dollar fine. The next day they were given a subpoena for court.

The Day in Court

The next day was when the case was presented in court to the petit jury. The prosecution presented first with a witness who was the officer who had given the warning and went back to arrest the mice. They defendants then got to present their case in which they accused the officer of not ever talking to them, which then led to he prosecution accusing them of perjury but the judge dismissed it. The jury came back an hour later with the verdict in which the mice were convicted of the noise complaint. They announced that they would appeal the case to try again.