The Challenger

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The Challenger was a tragedy of five people. McAuliffe a teacher going to space to teach kids what it's like to be in space. Barbara Morgan was a normal astronaut. Dick Scobee, the mission commander/ or the boss. Smith,Smith is the pilot of the N.A.S.A space shuttle the Challenger . Jarvis is the fuel tank maker for the space shuttle.1986,January 28 was the launch day.

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Achievements and Accomplishments

The Challenger completed 995 orbits, traveled 25,303,939 miles. (Now i don't know about you but i can barely stay in my house or car for sixteen hours without having to get out and there in there for at least a month that's crazy!) The Challenger also deployed 10 satellites.

The First achievement was a contract award.

Date: July 26,1972.

The Second achievement was a crew module.

Date: November 21 1975.

The Third achievement was a AFT fuselage

Date: June 14 1976.

The Fourth accomplishment was the start of the final assembly. Date: September 30 1977.

The Fifth accomplishment was the end of the final assembly

Date: 1978 February 10.

Engineering Process

Let's get down, now i'm going to tell you what the main parts do.

The main engine gives you 104% maximum thrust. Now one o-ring what were they thinking thankfully they changed it to three as we know two is better than one, in this case three is better than one. They had four fuel tanks in each rocket so together they had about 12 fuel tanks used.

Engineering Mistake

At T +72.134 the right SRB pulled away from the external tank causing one of the o-rings to rip. With that o-ring ripped its releasing bad gas that got to the main fuel tank causing the explosion. For example if you poke a hole in something that's holding thats holding a liquid and a electronic is under it the electronic will break. Well that's what happened pretty much except instead of breaking it exploded.

Do You Know It By

The challenger had more names than the Challenger. The first name was the STS-6 Challenger. The seventh through the ninth mission it was called the OV-099 Challenger. The tenth mission it was called the STS-STL Challenger


Smith drives the space shuttle, and the space shuttle obeys Smith. What would happen if the space shuttle didn’t obey Smith?Well if the space shuttle didn’t obey Smith on landing it would go hurtling down to earth so fast your life would flash before you. By Lucas K

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