2-Day Tales

A Peek Inside Our Preschool Classroom

Mrs. Drew and Mrs. Nier's Class April 18, 2013


Pre-washed, white tee shirts are due by Thursday, April 25. We'll be stenciling our school logo on the shirts, which the children will wear to the End of Year Family Picnic.


The children were wonderful in the Spring Show! They've worked very hard over the last several weeks to prepare decorations, crowns and learn all of those songs and poems. Great job, girls and boys!


The months have passed by so quickly. As we celebrated the end of winter and the beginning of spring, we've talked about the changes and new life (plants and animals) all around. April showers theme was explored with the water table and sponges, and "mud" painting (shaving cream, glue and paint). We played a number recognition game using numbered cloud cutouts and a big blue "puddle" (rug); the class sang a song and when we stopped, we identified the numbers on the clouds and jumped into the puddles that number of times. Our current unit on Community Helpers has given us the chance to play Flower Shop, Farmer/Farm Market, Construction Workers, Veterinarians, and Bakers through our various centers and dramatic play areas. We've also played a "Cat in the Hat" hiding game using the different hats that some of our Community Helpers wear, like police officers and firefighters, hard hats, etc. Our Recycling Truck project for the art show looks terrific. This led us to talk about what recycling means and how some things are recycled - also a nice tie in to Earth Day.

We identify shapes, numbers and letters every day. Each day, we also say The Pledge of Allegiance and sing about the seven days of the week.

With just a few class days left in our school year, it's important to continue to reinforce the children's growing sense of responsibility and independence. Please continue to encourage your child to carry out the arrival routine: carrying his/her own tote bag, and putting it in the cubby and finding the name stick.


We're hoping for lots of sunny spring weather so we can enjoy the playground. Please apply your child's sunscreen before school. Also, please be sure your child has appropriate safe shoes for playing and running on the playground -- sneakers and socks are ideal (please, no sandals or flip-flops).


We appreciate all of your donations throughout the school year, like yogurt cups and other containers, play dough and party donations. In addition, your support of the Scholastic Book Club has enabled us to get some great new materials for the classrooms.


The Annual Art Show is a main event here at the preschool. It will be held on Friday, May 17 from 6 - 8 PM. There are NO CLASSES on this day; the preschool is closed on Friday, 5/17 in order for the staff to transform the classrooms for displaying the art projects. This means that our last day of class is Thursday, 5/16. After the Art Show, we'll pack up your child's projects and give these to you at the End Of Year Picnic.


We'll wrap up our school year with a family picnic on Thursday, 5/23 at Bush Park. We'll ask each family to sign up to bring a dish (salad or dessert) to share. We recommend that you pack a sandwich for your child. Reminder: all preschool events are peanut-free. The school provides water, utensils and paper products. This is always a nice way to get together to bring the school year to a close.


Summer Camp at the preschool is a great experience for the children. We hope we'll get to see many of our students there for some summer fun!