Career Research Presentation

Real-Estate Agent and Broker - Hunter Piedlau 6.1.15

Educational Requirements

This career requires a Real estate license and to take a school course that is about 4 years for broker and + the agent license that takes about a week in hours, but you can stay in the school for a longer period of time and take the longer course if you prefer more experience in the career.

To be a broker you have to go through the specific course that can be taken while going through the real estate school course, the brokers license requires a bachelors degree but to be an agent there is a simple online course you can take that is about a week long, it takes you through how to be legally responsible for your actions.

In all honesty any college and school of business specific courses can be of use.

Required Skills

The skills required is to understand any situation in the change of a local market and requires you to know what your buyer/ seller wants, you need to know that this line of work requires DOING YOUR HOMEWORK and making sure everything is to your clients pleasure.

I have worked with my mother for quite some time now and i will be full time agent and apprentice as soon as i can, i have helped my mom with her own business and her new business and have taken in the skills required to start. My mom has worked in real estate for over 30 years and i have worked with her for a little under 3 years.


The annual salary can't truly be averaged but i can explain what the varieties are, if you are in Texas in 2014-15 the market has been very good. The recent salary for luxury home real estate is around 500,000. The engel & volkers averaged salary has been over 4 million (small community reality), and the average salary for a small time century 21 agent is estimated aroun 60-70,000.

The salaries can be vey based on the market and the amount of homes that you have closed.

The least can be based on beginning in this work could ranged from below to little above minimum wage, and the highest is my moms realistic ranged from the last couple of years which is about half a million dollars a year, but she is experienced in the work.

All around education is little required, all you need to be good at is being a experienced broker and agent.

Job Duties & Type Of Work

Real estate agents help people buy property, sell property, or rent property. This could be single family homes, land, condos, or businesses. Real estate agents work with property buyers or sellers and help them navigate the complex nature of the property market. Agents talk with clients to find out what kind of property they want and what they are willing to sell or pay, and any specific amenities they are seeking. They work with a real estate broker to find properties that suit their client's needs. backed by (
This line of work is mainly based on yourself, you can work all day at home and go show a couple of house or even get someone to do it for you, you are in charge of making the price suitable for both parties
This career can be found in any city

Job Benefits & Job Drawbacks

This career isn't really helpful outside of the work force but in my opinion it is fun.

This career can take up a lot of time and can be extremely stressful, the market can fluctuate and be sometimes unpredictable if your not aware of it.

Interview Questions

1.What can i do personally to improve my experience and career coming from a long term agent?

2.Can you explain the market fluctuation and how it can effect everyone involved?

3.What are the best ways to organize your work and be reliable in this career?

4.Please elaborate on the sellers stand point and how they conduct negotiations with the buyer?

5.How can i make sure my contracts and negotiations are always backed and never a liability?

Interview Answers

1.In order to improve your experience and career in real estate you need to apprentice under me for about a year. Taking detailed notes, listening well, and watching me how I handle certain situations. You can also help me type contracts, Preview new listings with me, and write descriptions of properties.also you can start taking a few courses online to educate yourself on the legalities of the profession.
2. Market fluctuations can happen quickly: examples are interest rates can go up or down, the time a home is one the market can vary based on correct pricing and owner equity positions can change each time these fluctuations occur.
Timing is everything in the Real Estate business. Sometimes minutes count.
3. In order to be organized and efficient in this business everyday I Keep a daily calendar. I use an iPhone for everything - all appointments are logged. I time my day down to 15 minute Intervals. This is it necessary to be reliable and on time. If you're not 10 minutes early for any appointment then you are late.
4. My sellers rely on me for my expertise to guide them when negotiating contracts with buyers. With 30 years experience I can tell them exactly what they need to do at each each point and juncture to benefit them the most and ultimately make the most money on their property.
5. When you are beginning in real estate you should always have a second person check your work for at least the first year to ensure that you are making all the right notation and covering every possibility and representing your client to the best of your ability for each contract. A checklist is also recommended to make sure you don't forget any steps.2.

Answered by my mom, Alisa Piedlau. Her email is if you want to confirm her answers you can ask by emailing her, if need be.