Newtons 2nd Law of Motion

2nd Law of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton lived during the 1600’s. Like all scientists, he made observations about the world around him. Some of his observations were about motion.He founded three laws of motion. The 2nd law of motion was, Newtons laws of force and acceleration states that an object acted on by an unbalanced force will accelerate of the direction of that force.

When shoot a rocket in to the air the flames and forceses are pushed from the end of the rocket and a rocket is usualy on a flat surface or on the ground. Their for it is being pushed into the air by an unbalanced force.It is going the direction that was exerted on the rocket.

This 2nd Law of Motion is also found in our every day lives. We see this law of motion in many different ways for example when we jump we push off the ground their for exerting an unbalanced force off the ground witch makes us go up. Another example could be , if u push off a person you will accelerate apart from each other.


By Steve Cerda