SIG at Day Campus Name #1

Week 1, Monday

Welcome One and All!

We are excited for another SIG session here at XXXXX. It was wonderful to meet so many of you, and most importantly, the SIG students on xxxx at registration day.

Today we've embarked on our first day of academic explorations, settling into the daily routine and getting to know one another. Add more information about day 1 here.

You will be receiving regular updates from us throughout the next three weeks, filled with news, photos and important reminders. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions, or just to see how your child is doing!

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Our First Day!

Meet The Director

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Meet the Academic Dean (only if applicable, otherwise - delete this section)

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Your SIG Instructors

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This Week's Special Events

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Tuesday - Picture Day! (Please have your child wear his / her SIG T-shirt)

Drop Off and Pick Up Information and / or Reminders

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What to bring each day


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