Jumping Into A New School Year!

Holland Elementary/Miss. Holland's Kindergarten Classroom

About Miss. Holland

Hello, My name is Miss. Holland and I will be your Kindergarten teacher for the upcoming school year. I have a dog named Brodie, he is my only child. I love to spend time outdoors, at baseball games, shopping online, and I love to ride quads. This will be my first year of teaching and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you guys!

What to look forward to...

I am super excited to meet each and every one of you. We have a busy schedule for this year but it includes a lot of fun exciting hands on activities! We will be making projects, doing group work, reading lots of interesting books, and doing some science experiments. I'm ready for the year to begin and I'm excited to meet all of you and your families!

My favorite place to eat? - Genji's Japanese Steak House

How many kids to I have? - 1, my dog Brodie.

What is my favorite color? - Green

So I have any siblings? - No

Am I married? - No, not yet.

What will the classroom be like? - Very colorful, Safari Theme.

Can we sit wherever we want? - Yes, the first couple of weeks you may choose where you want to sit.