By Alondra Jimenez


What if lava squirts in front of your house? That's a very scary thought! It could happen if you ever experience on a volcano! Volcanoes are land form and half magma under it.Scientist study Volcanoes to get a better understanding of how they effect people,places,and the environment.

What is a Volcano?


Volcanoes are formed by melted rocks that are called magma .They are found in the surrounding of the Pacific Ocean .Scientists who study volcanoes are called volcanologist. They learn and help people by with volcanoes.


Volcanoes can be a hazard to people ,places,and the environment,but they also have benefits.It effects people by ash falling on houses,building,and if ashfall is too heavy ,it will be impossible to breath.It effects places and the environment by burning plants and animals,ans something might have rocks/gas.

What are the Effects of Volcano?