The American black duck

American black duck

The American black duck is similar in size to a Mallard. They also resemble the female Mallard colors, but the black duck's plumage is darker. The male and female look the same but the male's bill is a yellow/white and the female's bill is light green.


The American black duck breeds from the upper Mississippi River across to the northeastern United States, across Ontario and the eastern Canadian provinces. The highest breeding grounds are in Maine.Black ducks use a variety of habitats for breeding, such as marshes, bogs, lakes, streams, fresh, and salt marshes, . Female black ducks lay an average of 9 eggs.

American black ducks

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American Black Ducks eat mostly plant matter, with insects added during the breeding season. Plant foods include seeds, roots,stems and leaves of plants growing in moist soil and underwater. In the breeding season adults and ducklings eat a diet high in animal foods, including aquatic insects (larvae of mayflies, dragonflies, flies and midges, and beetles), mollusks, and sometimes fish.