Changing Your Career

The Transition From Teaching to Forensics

Before we start on changing careers, we must talk about quitting.

Quitting a job can be hard. Just make sure you're honest and professional. When you quit put your two weeks notice in and explain why.

1st: Enjoy Yourself

You have just quit a previous career. Make sure to leave yourself time to enjoy life before leaping into a new career. Go shopping or something, I don't know.

2nd: Find a career which suits you

Finding a career and pursuing something that makes you happy is very important. You have to make sure that your career will not only fulfill your needs as a human, but also ensure security. In this case we are changing careers from teaching to forensics. Make sure you know all the facts about the career you'd like. Ignorance isn't always bliss.

3rd: It's All About the $$$

Changing careers can but financial stress on you and relationships you have. It is important to be financially secure during the change. Teaching doesn't make a total load of money, but you should have a plan that includes details on your financial being.

4th: Network it out

Networking is important. In teaching, one could easily be acquainted with a forensics teacher, who could have ties to the forensics world. Through them you could acquire the proper contacts. Warning, using people and networking are two VERY different things.

5th: We Got Skills

Use those skills as a teacher in the field of forensics. As a teacher people skills is important. Contact with students, work associates, and parents is something teachers deal with daily.

The field of forensics seems very isolated, but the real truth is that Forensic Investigators deal with people on a daily. Who do you think touches that dead body, and tells families what happened? It is F.I's.

6th: Goals

Now that you've quit, taken time off, networked, ensured financial security, and discovered your skill set it is time to set goals for yourself.

Setting goals is important in life and in work. Goals is what ensures excelling.