Nuestro Mundo Weekly Newsletter

January 16th, 2022

~ Reminders ~

Important Reminder

As the colder months approach, we ask that all families continue to help keep our students and staff healthy by sending your child to school with multiple masks. This way they can switch masks after getting them wet or dirty.

No School Monday, January 17th

As a reminder, there will be no school on Monday, January 17th, because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

In commemoration of this day, let us remember and further educate our children and youth about the sociopolitical struggles and movements within the African-American community. Individuals like Dr. King, among many others, were exemplar leaders in peacefully fighting for justice and equality when excluded people could not enjoy fundamental human rights in the U.S.

"I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits."

Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, Oslo, Norway, 1964

New NM Team Member

We are happy to welcome Nuestro Mundo's new Student Culture Mentor. Erroll has been a youth worker and educator for over twenty years. He is a highly skilled facilitator, that has helped many organizations and community groups thrive and reach their goals. He is blessed to be the father of an amazing 21 year old son, Apollo who is an amazing artist studying his craft at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

His belief that youth can truly make this a better and safer world, has been the guiding light of his career. He has been a photographer and media educator for many years. Erroll created a media company called roots media. Roots media was founded to create more opportunities marginalized communities to be heard.

He received his Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Change from College Unbound. He will receive his Master’s of Education in Urban Teaching from Providence College in May.

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A Look Into Our Classrooms


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Given the recent cold temperatures, kindergarten classes held indoor recess this week. Students in Ms. Muñoz's class have enjoyed indoor recess with fun activities like dancing--a great way to stay active even indoors.

1st Grade

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First-grade students in Ms. Marta's class continue to practice their math skills by examining subtraction and sums that yield the same number. By using number lines and diagrams, students visually represent these math processes.

6th Grade

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Sixth-grade students in Profe. C's class worked on a biography project. Using their creativity and Spanish writing skills, students composed beautiful letters about their life, experiences, and aspirations through their prose and images. Through this activity, students showed what aspects of their life make them unique, from hobbies, meaningful moments, and national identity. Our goal as a school is to foster the global citizens of tomorrow. Thus, it is essential that students have the opportunity to express their unique stories while at the same time learning from others to make them compassionate and well-rounded individuals.
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Sixth graders staying indoors for recess.

Weekly Reminders

Please make sure that everyday:

  • Students must wear their uniforms to school. As we approach the colder months, please note that a hooded sweatshirt is not allowed. Donnelly's has Nuestro Mundo fleece sweaters if your child needs another layer to stay warm. If a child arrives without a uniform, parents will be called to bring the uniform to school everyday.
  • Students come in to school with a face mask and full water bottle
  • To ensure everyone's safety, make sure that before your student enters the school building you fill out the COVID screener daily sent to your email. If you are not receiving it, please check your spam or promotions folder to make sure that you are receiving all school communications.
  • If your child is sick or experiencing any symptoms, please reach out to our nurse, Jarlenne Fermin, at (401) 210-1743 or email at to check in and she can advise next steps
  • To align with our mission of avoiding food waste, please ensure that you are ordering your student's monthly meal orders on the last Wednesday of the current month so their order would be included for the following month through EZ School Apps. If you do not sign up, or do not place an order for your child, the expectation is that they come to school already having eaten breakfast and with a packed lunch from home.
  • Students have snack time in the morning or afternoon, which Nuestro Mundo does not provide. Please make sure to pack snacks for your student everyday.
  • Our arrival time is at 8:05 to 8:25am. Please do not drop-off students before 8:05am and any student that arrives after 8:25am will be marked tardy.
  • For arrivals after 8:25, please call the main office (401) 210-1555 and we will meet you at the door to sign in your child in with the time and reason for being tardy.

Lost and Found

Dear families,

Several items were found in the school belonging to several of our students. Unfortunately, we can't identify the items, so we need your help. Below are a few images separated into categories: sweaters/jackets, accessories, and water bottles.


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Water bottles

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Bus Information

Our school transportation provider is First Student. If your bus is delayed by 30 minutes or more, or if you were late to pick up your child in the afternoon, please call them directly at (401) 943-7536.

Our Mission

The mission of Nuestro Mundo is to prepare students to be global citizens and stewards of our environment. Using a multilingual and multicultural lens, our students have the knowledge and skills to realize empathy and connect their learning to the community and with a larger global audience.