Ft. Hayes Arts and Academic HS - Spring 2018 Newsletter

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AATJ Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

The National Japanese Exam (NJE) is an online, proficiency-oriented, standards-based and culture-related assessment tool for middle school (junior high), high school, and college students who are studying Japanese as a second language. It was developed by AATJ (American Association of Teachers of Japanese) as a way for such students to test their Japanese skills and participate in a nation-wide exam with awards for high achievement.

The NJE helps teachers see students’ strengths and weaknesses in various areas including reading, listening, grammar and kanji. Teachers can use the results to identify strong and weak areas in their teaching, give various school-level awards to students (Gold Level, Silver Level, Bronze Level, Honorable Mention, and Participation certificates), and highlight the success of their Japanese programs and celebrate their students' accomplishments.

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The following students participated in the nation-wide exam:

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JASCO Vision Statement

The Japan America Society of Central Ohio (JASCO) is the premiere organization for deepening understanding of and appreciation for Ohio’s Japanese and American cultures. Lives are changed for the better and businesses succeed when meaningful cross-cultural relationships are intentionally cultivated. Located centrally in the capital city of Ohio, Columbus, JASCO provides the gateway for connecting people and fostering friendships among those who are interested in the Japanese culture.

Dr. Benjamin Pachter -JASCO Executive Director

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Fort Hayes Students learn about Japanese Festivals!

Outreach activities like these school visits are vital to the JASCO’s mission. JASCO seeks to create chances to educate people in Central Ohio about Japanese culture, with the hope that learning opportunities such as these will help deepen understanding of and appreciation for Ohio’s Japanese community and its contributions to the region. Students studying Japanese language are important to this endeavor, as they are the next generation who will help to bring Ohio’s Japanese and American communities together.

Japanese National Honor Society

Ibrahim Bangura

Aaron Brent

Emily Burton

Ana Delacruz

Lashona Nowell

Kyajah Rodriguez

Emma Sears

Sable Stevens

Kirk Turns

Nicolaus Walls

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The Japanese National Honor Society recognizes and encourages achievement and excellence in the study of the Japanese language. The American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ) is pleased to assist teachers with a way to recognize their outstanding students, to encourage them to continue in the study of Japanese, and to promote activities that give students ways to use their language skills. In order to qualify, students must complete the first term of their second-year Japanese language course. students must also maintain a 3.5 GPA in Japanese and an overall 3.0 GPA. Inducted students will receive a pin and an certificate. A red and white cord will be presented at graduation.

Graduating JNHS members:

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Wow that was fast!

I am in complete awe as to how fast the 2017-18 school year blew by! I had so much fun teaching themed units this year! Level 4 explored racism in Japan, Level 3 learned about and created their own Kamishibai, Level 2 discovered the teen fashion district of Harajuku while Level 1 got familiar with the 'nuts & bolts' of the language.

I also got to meet local Japanese artist Yasuko Jameson! You may know her children-Pamela and Zion Jameson. They are Fort Hayes students. Follow her on Social media at 'Dragon Ikka'! I bought one of her tshirts that say Ohayo in the shape of our state-Ohio!
I hope everyone has a relaxing fun summer! I will be traveling with my family to Japan to visit my in-laws in July. During this time I will be gathering up fun items for the classroom-new books, CD's, posters....etc.

We will be hosting 8-10 students from Asahikawa High School March 2019. Please email me if you are thinking about being a host family or would like more information!

Rest up! Do your summer Duolingo! See you in the fall!!

Ms. Ima