By Dylan Perry

Homelessness In America

1 in 7 people were at homelessness and hunger and suffering in america. 3.5 million people were sleeping in parks,sidewalks,bridges,shelters, and in cars or trucks.


If your homeless and or if you know someone homeless then you should help them. Then you should give them shelter some food and water. Then help them with a job or help look for one for them.

What Can Be Done

Try to fight it and not be agasint it. Help out the homeless people and care for them. Develop them to shelter and give them money, donate clothes to them, give them toys, help them volunteer,teach to them.

Cause Of Homelessness


They say that homelessness chages over the years. The population decresaed by 0.4% or about 2,325 people.


They said that homelessness has to be a community and everyone needs to be reminded about the homelessness.