By:Ceara Patton

History of the flag

Was first introduced in 1906 on June 22 however the design was originally created in 1521. The flag is celebrated every year on the 6 of June. The colors for the flag are from the Scandinavian national arms.

EU history

Sweden joined the EU on the 13th of October in 1994. It was not one of the founding members of the EU.

Geographical features

Geographical Features/ Physical features

Is next to the Gulf of Bothnia on the east and Norway on the west. North of the Balitic Sea and South of parts of Finland and Norway.home to at least 5 rivers Lule, Ume, Indal, Dal, and Tome. As well as the Scandinavian mountains, lake Vanern, and lake Vattern.

Country History

Was apart of the Kalmar Union and therefore under the power of Denmark from 1397-1513

Capital and large cities

The capital is Stolkholm and four other major cities are Uppsala, Goteborg, Malmö, Norrkoping.

Parliamentary Democracy-Type of Government

Currency-Swedish Krona ($1-8.49204 Swedish Krona)

3 interesting Facts

*Sweden pays high school students 178 American dollars to attend school

*Sweden has run out of trash so it imports garbage from Norway

*Swedish wasn't made the official language until 2009

Tourist attractions