November's SEL Concept of Focus

Gratitude is:

Gratitude is the understanding and affirmation of goodness in the world. It is also the recognition that the source of goodness is often outside of ourselves.

-Robert Emmons

Gratitude Lesson Plans for Students

Gratitude Experiment Video

An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness

Video Discussion

  • Who is the person you are most grateful for and why?

  • How can you share your gratitude with this person?

  • How could you use this experiment with your students and/or school?

The Science of Gratitude

How Gratitude Changes Your Brain

Article Discussion Questions

  • What did you agree with in this article?
  • What did you disagree with?
  • How does this change your thoughts about gratitude?
  • What actions would you like to take in your own life in response to reading this?

Week of Gratitude from Mendez MS