Redefine Education

Public School Board meeting March 3, 2015 @ 6:00pm

Our main focus this year: GENDER EQUALITY

To combat gender discrimination, we want to create a powerful environment that equally inspires our students. So often, girls are discriminated against in public, at the office, and even in the home. We want to help teach and prepare kids for a better and nondiscriminatory future! To help us set the right path, we want you guys out of the community to help us set our goals and figure out the most pressing causes. It's time to put an end to cat calls, sexist opinions, condescending attitudes, and domestic violence. We will be the beginning of the end, and we need your help.

Public School Board Meeting

Thursday, March 3rd, 6pm

314 North Ellis Street

Salisbury, NC

Do you want gender discrimination to vanish at your child's school? Then come to the school board meeting Thursday night to present your ideas that will help improve our schools system. As a community we need to work together every step of the way to resolve the discrimination against genders.