Diversity and Prosperity

William Penn

Founder name William Penn, was a Quaker and son of King Charles II's leading supporters. After William Penn received his charter in 1681, he started to raise money to sell land to a group of wealthy Quakers merchants who received government positions and economic concessions in favor of the merchant elite. As a Quaker, Penn was eager to get out of England.The Quakers were a radical sect of protestant who believed that God offered salvation to all and placed an "Inner Light" in everyone.
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Religious diversity of Expression....Once viewed him as a Leader

In Pennsylvania, in the early days. We demonstrated the potential of an colony that became religious with tolerance and establish economic opportunities. As a young Quaker, there would be many protestants in our society. People wanted to began a change for a better life, and I was beginning to experience with a man name William Penn. I remember hearing him word around town that he wanted prosperity with the Indians. Everyone started to look at him as a leader because we never thought this would come to place. I started view William Penn's on his religious tolerance, freedom and what his plans were going to be. I asked him what will this do for our country? He told me that "God offered salvation" and we as people have an inner light in us. I believed him and continued with his teachings. I began to spread his word to the people, all kind kinds of Indians started to attract. As I learned to follow up Penn's prosperity we began to spread more and more salvation, then things started to populate with variety of Europeans coming over here, practicing different religion and having self-contained communities. I never viewed anything like this our country but now I understand why William Penn stated a great idea for something better for the Quakers.

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